Lucknow Ki Rajdhani Kya Hai

lucknow ki rajdhani kya hai

I would like to share today’s incident. It’s about “Lucknow ki Rajdhani kya hai?”. Many people know Lucknow is famous for its culture, Delicious food, chicken embroidery work, own history, and monuments. On the other hand, it is well known for soft-spoken language mannerism. No matter how much you praise this city, it won’t be enough. I was born and brought up in Lucknow. So for me, it’s not comparable to any city.

While jogging, I found a group of kids playing in the park. They were playing some kind of mobile game. After a couple of minutes, I ended up running here.

After having some chit-chat with them, I started asking basic general knowledge questions. They replied to all my questions. 

I must say kids are getting smarter these days. In the meantime, I started twisting the questions. Furthermore, I asked one of the kids. Lucknow ki Rajdhani kya hai?

He got confused. Some of them said Uttar Pradesh. Then I told them it was the wrong question. I twisted it to check If they would get confused or respond to the wrong question. 

I explained them in detail. Explained about the capital, state, and country. 

The Infographic explanation of lucknow ki rajdhani kya hai for kids

Can Lucknow have its own capital? 

Of course not. As per the Indian Constitution, The country could have a Capital. Similarly, a state can also have a Capital. In contrast, a district could not have its own Capital.

Interesting facts about Lucknow Ki Rajdhani Kya Hai. 

  • As per the google tool, the average monthly search for this question is between 100 to 1k.
  • Beyond this confusion, they also search for “Lucknow ki Rajdhani Kahan hai?”.
google data for this question Lucknow Ki Rajdhani Kya Hai


If you want to run this same experiment on your neighborhood child. I am sure they would act the same as discussed in this post. I hope I’ve explained myself well this time. It would make me happy. If you check my other post about the Ambedkar park Lucknow.

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